ode to anne

anne rosenthal is a most gifted artist and teacher. she teaches art to kindergartners through 6th graders at my children's public school. i always marvel at what she is able to draw out of her students. one of my favorite projects is the shrunken apple head dolls she works on with her 4th graders. she asked me to photograph some of them and i had more fun than i thought possible. we turned a cardboard box into a set and draped it with some scrap fabric. i had a sudden irving penn inspiration and shot a lot of them into the corner. i never played with dolls as a child but i had more than a little fun coming up with scenarios for these wonderful characters. the apple heads have a shriveled grotesque quality which the children were encourage to embrace. i love this man in black, like a brother of The Wall from the game of thrones. and the rich old lady with the fluffy white dog! that is real mink she is has draped on her shoulders, an old coat someone gifted to anne that she lets the kids cut up for their artwork. i love all the details the kids added,  giving us some insight into how a child's mind works and thinks.  the gypsy not only has a crystal ball and tarot cards, she also has a baby she stole (it's blond while she has black hair) becasue in a kids mind gypsies are like that.

the quality i find most remarkable about anne is how she continues to be inspired by the kids. i've heard her rhapsodize about a 2nd grader's tempera painting and quality of blue they mixed for the water. she has clever rules like never using black, the children have to make black by mixing the primary colors, which results in a gorgeous array of greys and darks of any tones and hues instead of one dimensional, flat blacks.

this a public thank you to a dedicated and talented teacher and artist. we feel incredibly lucky!