anna nozaki

B magazine

one of my longest standing and favorite clients is B, the barnard college alumni magazine. this is solely becasue of anna nozaki who art directs, designs, photo edits and produces each issue. she is a one woman whirlwind of talent and creativity. she's got a fantastic eye, likes to challenge herself and pushes me in just the right ways to get some of my best work out of me.  and she's a terrific knitter. some of my favorite shoots together were shot in black and white, the first one was shot on type 55 (this is how far back our relationship goes.)

for the next issue of B anna asked me to document the freshmen move in day and it was one of the most interesting and exciting assignments i have been asked to photograph. i'm known primarily for my portraits but photographing move in day surrounded by glowing young ladies really too me back to my days photographing the teenage girls for my mendham, new jersey project and i think i got some good pictures that day. i loved being around the young women while they were filled with excitement, anxiety, hope and fear. it was an intensely emotional day. i'll post photos as soon as the issue is out!