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The Work

A Garden Runs Delightfully Amok for T The New York Times Style Magazine

At their weekend home on the outer edge of Long Island, the designers behind the firm Roman and Williams let nature lead.



Aesop is a luxury skincare brand that incorporates  science and botanical ingredients to make remarkable beauty products.


The Perfect Saturday in New York: Hop On The Ferry for Wall Street Journal

Thanks to the city’s expanded ferry service, you can jump breezily from borough to borough by boat.


Focal by North

Wearable tech company on the forefront of Ai opens their North American flagship store in Brooklyn, New York.


Scratch MIT Media Lab

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and online community targeted primarily at children.



Glossier is a new approach to beauty. It’s about fun and freedom and being OK with yourself today. .


Boys With Long Hair

This portrait series on boys who wear their hair long, often intentionally and unintentionally challenging social conventions.


Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

The Broad Institute is empowering a revolution in biomedicine to accelerate the pace at which the world conquers disease. A mission driven community that brings together medicine, biology, chemistry, computation, engineering and mathematics.


Bringing Up Robot Baby for New York Times

Students around the country take home the infant simulators, with little evidence that they reduce pregnancy.


Zero Waste with Open House New York

A survey of waste management systems employed by New York City to reach their Zero by Thirty initiative to send 0% of their municipal waste to landfills by 2030



Photo essay documenting the lives of twelve year old girls coming of age in New York City.


New York Times: Truth Is Local

The Times campaign to highlight our journalism in the five boroughs — “The Truth Is Local.” At the heart of the campaign are five innovative storefront installations, one in each borough, that you can visit.


K-Pod for

Co-Founder and Co-Host of K-Pod, the podcast that highlights Koreans in arts and culture. We follow in Korean American Story’s mission of creating and preserving the stories of the Korean American experience.



The Brearley School is an all-girls private school in New York City, located on the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.


Amazon for Hewlett Packard

Amazon processing warehouse in Reno, Nevada.



Acclaimed dance theater organization committed to creating collaboratively and finding beauty in unexpected places.


The Things That Carried Him for Esquire

The award-winning true story behind one soldier's last trip home.


Jill Platner

Jewelry designer and sculptor Jill Platner creates organically inspired, hand crafted, silver and gold pieces in her New York city studio.


The High Cost Of Doing Day Care for Topic Magazine

Childcare fees are a major burden for new parents—but the situation isn’t much easier for the people taking care of their kids.


Korean Funerary Portraits seen in The New York TImes

Among Koreans, Giving
Death Your Best Face.


Mendham, New Jersey seen in August Journal

Teen age girls growing up in suburban New Jersey.