I am

I am a trained photographer with years of experience working with editorial, advertising, design, and documentary clients while all along exploring long term personal projects. I am a podcast creator and host experienced at getting people to open up and sharing intimate stories. I am a writer commenting on our society and culture.


I specialize in collaborating with people and telling personal stories for individuals and companies alike. It’s storytelling at its most intimate and compelling. I work with you to interpret of how to best express your beliefs and values.



Clients come to me for photography needs as well as projects that require art direction and a production crew. I have worked with some incredibly talented people over the years and I’ve teamed up with them to provide a one stop creative studio that enables you to get your design and visual needs in one place. My collaborators are writers, activists, videographers, designers, casting agents, location scouts, hair and makeup artists, stylists, prop makers and even other photographers. I work with a long list of trusted team members and collaborators with a history of excellence.


I partner with with videographers who are likeminded in work ethic, values, and outlook on life, offering seamless integration of still and movement.